Saturday, December 29, 2012

part 1: a love story

This is not LH either: Petaluma, California. Time unknown.

Approximate ages: April, Beau and Tyler are 25, Summer is 24.

April had never heard of storyskipping before. Neither had Beau. But in the past few months (if you could call them months -- with as many transfers as they'd had, time sort of lost its meaning) they were getting a crash course in different dimensions. The second dimension didn't last long, the third was longer, a lovely place with a warm, sandy beach. The fourth looked like home, but wasn't. And here was their fifth, Petaluma, they called it. April wasn't expecting this to last long. The letters had been coming so frequently. "Sorry for your inconvenience," they often said. "Due to unforeseen circumstances, you are being transferred. You have one hour to say your goodbyes." Some have speculated that The Author was having a nervous breakdown of sorts.

It got tiring, and it got lonesome, never getting the chance to settle in, make friends, establish new hook-up buddies, never knowing when it was going to happen or why. Most people couldn't understand what was happening to them -- it hadn't happened to them before. They didn't believe in it. And yet every time they transferred, they went together. April and Beau. Beau and April. At least they had that.

The worst thing they could have done was try to have a relationship together.

She still looked out for him every time the doors swung open, broods of young, lovely people coming through, but not Beau. He wasn't speaking to her. Her biggest fear was that he'd been transferred again without her, and she only knew otherwise because Tyler came in some nights after work, to grab a plate of pretzels or onion rings.

"Are you going to tell me where he is?"

"No," Tyler said, blunt and definite.

"Does he want you to send a message or something?"


"Then why are you here?"

The corner of his mouth turned up in a smirk. "The onion rings are good."

Really, April should have known better. She knew herself well enough and she'd known Beau since forever. Now, she didn't even know where he lived. It was her fault, probably. It was a cry for familiarity, a new dimension and he was with her. She wanted closeness and he thought she meant something else. She's not cut out for that kind of commitment.

But she was happy here, in the forced sort of way that she has no choice but to be here whether she liked it or not. Their story was in limbo -- not finished, but not cancelled either. So now she would serve cheap drinks on the shady side of town, which was really not that much different than what she ever did. She had her own apartment, and while she wouldn't mind a roommate, she was okay. She was happy. She just wished she knew where Beau was. She never would have imagined a dimension of the universe where she and Beau weren't best friends. She never even thought it was possible. But it was possible, and now they were living it. And really, it kind of sucked.

Tyler was quick to find Summer in Petaluma. He wasn't sure entirely what he was thinking, but he knew they were getting a second chance of sorts. A fresh slate where they could be happy together, and he was going for it -- they'd be married, have a family together. He'd make her happy this time. It's what he always wanted, a chance to do things the right way. The way things should have happened. No angst, no rage, no drama.

And so it happened quickly one afternoon at the Petaluma court house on a rainy day. She was already pregnant, but that part was an accident. It didn't matter. He was ready for it. He wanted it all.

She didn't have a wedding dress, and he only had a suit he wore for graduation, but they had all of their hopes for the best, a couple of standard wedding rings, and he bought her flowers at a local shop. They were going to be happy if he had to chart the course of the universe himself. If he could, he would. This time.

The baby was a girl, Tonya. Summer wasn't immediately fond of the name -- bringing to mind certain ice skaters who bludgeoned other ice skaters in the knee caps -- but as soon as the girl was born, with her daddy's gray eyes and strange pink streaks through her brown hair, Summer fell in love. She could see herself raising a little girl named Tonya, who might grow up a bruiser like her mom and angsty like her dad, who would push little boys down in the mud and steal their lunch money.

And while their marriage might have been fast and tenuous, Summer took to motherhood with a fierce and natural passion. She didn't know why they were here more than any of them -- were they meant to learn something, or just to live? As the weeks turned into months, as the months turned into a year, she found the lines between her "real life" and this new life became blurred. Life was life, anywhere it went on. Her little girl grew, and every hope and wish and ounce of love, Summer poured it into her. And she found, for maybe the first time since her own mother had been alive, she knew what it was like to love wholly and unconditionally, no expectations, and no drama. Just love.


  1. This is an intriguing start! And it's nice to see the gang again, even in a slightly different form.

    I loved the part about Tonya's name. I remember you tweeting that and I didn't know it would end up as part of the story! Tonya looks too cute to end up a little bruiser but who knows? ;) My Josie was pretty cute when she was a toddler too!

    1. Carla, thanks for reading! I know this is weird! :D

      Poor Tonya, even if she was destined to grow up to be the sweetest little thing, I'm always going to imagine her otherwise now, lol!

  2. OMG! Laura, I love you! I didn't even know about this until now because Google Reader decided to be slow!

    Seriously, it is lovely to see this lot together again, and I had to giggle at you working your excuses into the story. Even your *characters* are getting bored of waiting lol!

    And I love that Summer and Tyler are now parents. It's gonna take a while for me to get used to Summer looking all mature with that adult haircut. And I also love that Tonya looks the spitting image of her mum already.

    This is a great start! I feel spoiled, especially knowing that you've got other published stuff coming as well.

    1. Joseph! Yay, I'm glad you found it! It's showing up weird on my Google Reader too. I actually changed the blog address a few times, which would probably explain that, lol!

      Yes, Tonya looks just like Summer! I can't wait to see how she grows up!

      Thanks for reading! :)

  3. Somehow I missed this! Well, now I've found it. ;) I am always happy to see Summer and Tyler living the good life. And babies!

    I laughed at the Tonya comment. I also remember you tweeting about that. Too funny. I think you can force the SP to prompt you for names, but I'm sure you've figured that out already. I can't see you letting the game name many more of your sims after abusive skaters. ;)

    Either way, Tonya being a mini-Summer? Yesss! She's going to be magnificent.

    1. Mao, I was keeping this one a little bit quiet until I was sure I would follow through. Now that I've got pics for about 6 updates ahead, I think it's pretty safe to say I'm invested here. Just got to get the updates posted now, lol! ;)

  4. I love love love reading more about the gang!!
    I'm about to devour this up!