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I have a problem with starting new stories. It's an illness, maybe. I currently have about 25 WIP books to finish, and only one published. I need to learn to write faster, or focus... or else give myself a creative outlet for  some of those excess story ideas.

The idea for this blog was born before I even started blogging about this neighborhood. I'd already fallen in love with not one, but TWO sets of characters who I had intended to use for a Sim story, but then decided that no, I did want them to be in "real" novels after all. While in another dimension, I was having a lot of fun playing with a cast of "real" novel characters who I'd made into Sims, while their novel drafts sat in limbo somewhere, waiting to be finished.

And then I saw in my head this world where characters were not quite "real" for many different reasons, and they were all waiting to have their story told, hoping to be picked, when the reality of it is, I will never have time to write all of their stories.

StorySkippers Anonymous is a story for those characters who didn't get picked to live in "real" novels, those who are waiting to have their stories finished, and those who were playing second-fiddle to the main characters of another book. This is going to kind of silly and random. Some of the stories may be related or intertwined, if it happens that way, and some of them may not. Some of them may be told in a series of parts, and some may stand alone. Some may just be a series of pictures.

And in a world where characters are just ideas until they have a story to live in, some of them might "graduate" some day to live in real books. As you'll see, that gets complicated for those left behind. This is an experiment in storytelling, metafiction, and maybe even (if you stretch your imagination) an exploration of existence, religion, life, and death.

Gameplay and Simmish chatter will continue to happen at the LH Babble blog.

If you're interested in following the progress of my "serious" work (quotes because my stories are rarely ever completely serious, lol!), you can follow along at

Writing tweets are at @lauraraeamos, and LH specific tweets are @lakesideheights. There's also the LH Facebook page you can follow for updates. You can email me at laura.rae.amos (at) gmail (dot) com.

a disclaimer: 

As noted above, I am an author who publishes books, and these are my original works of fiction, characters, and worlds. Many of these characters will be (or have already been) published in other stories (of course they won't remember this dimension, as is the nature of this universe), and these stories themselves may or may not be published in books some day (when they're finished, I will consider whether that makes sense to do or not) in a slightly altered form.

By commenting here, you are -- in effect -- offering your feedback as a beta reader. So thank you! You are entitled to: lavish praise, and if I ever meet you in person, a hug (unless you don't like hugs) and I'll buy you a cup of coffee too.

Thank you for reading, for commenting, and for all your support! :)

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