And then there was this strange blast of light, a swirling flash of colors, and when her eyes adjusted to the bright afternoon sunlight, April found she wasn't in Petaluma anymore, but somewhere else. Transferred. She knew how this went. This would be her sixth dimension...  

What if God was a writer? A really flighty one... What if you weren't allowed to know the secret until you were being written out of your story? April's life was deemed “unnecessary to the central plot” by the beta readers, and she was being written out. Red pencil strike-through, erased.

But at least she had her best friend with her, Beau. April's life began the day she met Beau. She couldn't imagine a dimension without him, and she didn't have to try. Every time she went, he went too. It was scary, and sad, and lonely, but every time they transferred, they went together.

April and Beau. Beau and April.

The worst thing they could have done was to fall in love with each other.

StorySkippers Anonymous is a series following several characters in their journey through time, space, and existence, the past and the future, love and loss, on their quest for what it all means. What happens when you get written out of your own life?

Every story character's greatest wish is to have their story told, finished, published, and given to adoring readers to read. With a happy ending, if possible. The more people who read it, the better. It's the only way they'll ever get to exist.

This is where written-off characters come to live, where main characters are given a shot at an alternate life, and where secondary characters are given their chance to shine. They don't know why they're here, or how long they'll stay, but this is their life now, for better or worse.


You do not need to have read Lakeside Heights or any of my other stories to read this story, though you may "get" some of the characters, references, or jokes better if you have. (For new readers, note that LH usually refers to my long-running TS2-illustrated neighborhood story, Lakeside Heights.)

Given the nature of this world, there may be minor spoilers about other stories, though I will do my best to keep that to an absolute minimum.

the writing:
This is going to be on par with what I would call a first or second draft. It's only self-edited, and I try to do my best, but there may be the occasional typo or renegade tense shift, dropped plot line, or character inconsistency. You know, this is just for fun. ;)

Please note that none of these stories have any bearing on any published works they may inspire or may have been inspired by - these stories are to be considered "non-canon".

metafiction, existentialism, denim and neon, good retro music, crude humor, sexual situations, occasional allusions to religions of all kinds, shenanigans in the bathrooms, adult situations, adult language. Those under the age of 17, or those easily offended, will want to consider these warnings carefully before reading.

Possibly, maybe. I don't know yet. Though the first "book" of this story was partially illustrated using Sims 3, at this time, I am not planning to illustrate the whole series that way. I am considering other means of illustration, but I'll consider that experimental at best. We'll see if it works out or not, lol!


a storyskipper: someone taken from or placed into a new story dimension.

a transfer, or to transfer: the act of being reassigned or rewritten from one story to another.

identity revision: when someone is transferred but has their name and history changed. They resemble their previous self, but cannot remember anything but their current life. Some may have trouble with lingering past life memories.

native story: the story a character was first conceived in. When a character is part of her native story either for the first time, or upon return, she cannot remember any of the other lifetimes she's had. Like identity revision, some may suffer from past life memories.

The Author: She who writes the universe.

the letter: arrives one hour before transfer. The storyskipper does not need to pack, just say their goodbyes.

the age of accountability: children younger than 15 years old will not be burdened with rewritings of their universe. If they or a family member are transferred, any memories that would be deemed "upsetting" will be rewritten.

"a happy ending": every character's ultimate goal -- to have their story told to the end, and have it published for readers to read. It's the only way they get to exist.

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